This is the first permanent bridge over the river Oka in Nizhny Novgorod. It connects the city’s upper
(mountain) and lower (over-the-river) parts. The length of the bridge is almost 800 metres and the width
is 23.6 metres.

The illumination was installed to mark the celebration of the city’s 800 year anniversary and the bridge
is now the focal point of the embankment promenade.

In the concept, we took into account not just the specifics of the construction but also created viewing
points where the observer can see the bridge itself and how it interacts with the environment.
Working with the light, we highlighted the volume and structure of the bridge and separated its internal
and external parts.

We underlined all elements of the unique construction of the bridge and preserved its gracile silhouette
for distant panoramic looks.

The creation of an embankment photo-zone under the arches became a new and exciting point of
attraction. To intensify the impressive vision enhanced by the lighting, the main scenario was
synchronised with the music that is played through hidden speakers installed throughout the
infrastructure of the bridge.

As a result of the new architectural lightning design we managed to greatly enhance the role of the
bridge on the evening embankment, highlighted its uniqueness , markedly increased the amount of
tourists that appreciate the new look of the city’s landmark.

It is worth mentioning that the lighting of the bridge also has a social function: the city’s authorities
involve residents to participate in creating new evening images of the bridge.

Several festive colour-dynamic lightning scenarios were created for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and other holidays celebrations.

During every day the lighting is calm, using neutral yellow and light lilac colours representing the sunset
in a summer sky.

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