Highlighting structured facades, walls and sculptures in the dark needs a brilliant luminaire. A linear and slim design would solve the issue of less space and enables long lines of light, creating the perfect product for decorative lighting, wall grazing and wall flooding.

KALYPSO True Color is based on a functional powder-coated aluminium profile in combination with polyurethane encapsulation which provides a high degree of robustness. Its ingress reaches IP67 as well as IK10 impact resistance. The translucent end caps make it possible to create infinite lines of light. This is further enhanced by the cable runway, hiding cables and mounting clips.

KALYPSO True Color is a minimalistic luminaire suitable for decorative lighting as well as for wall grazing and wall flooding. Due to its three optics and its IP67 rating, a high range of opportunities is covered. A maximum output of 3,580 lm/m (1,090 lm/ft) combined with a CCT ranging between 2,000 K to 5,000 K makes KALYPSO True Color a multifunctional luminaire.

The cable groove makes cables and mounting clips disappear, keeping a straight and clean line of light. The left image illustrates the profile where the fixture is inserted in the upper channel and cables run below. The right image show how clips and cables won’t be visible when multiple fixtures are mounted in line.

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