With the architectural plan in hand, it’s evident that several massive rock-like structures are placed on the site. They enclose a raised plaza in the middle. Additionally, the project is situated at the crossroads of a main road by the riverside. For a public cultural building, this offers a uniquely advantageous display angle.

For public buildings, it’s important to highlight their nocturnal features while maintaining their inherent character. Considering the project’s location, most viewing angles fulfill the street-level scale, enabling a broad view of the entire project horizontally. The rhythm of self-presentation is favorable. Given the project’s functionality, we suggest focusing on variations in brightness to accentuate architectural form. We recommend refraining from additional active lighting, particularly for the irregular rock-like elements, and instead utilizing luminance changes. Specifically, distributing brightness at the base, especially where it meets the ground, can evoke a sense of the structure emerging naturally from the surroundings.

The more seemingly simple the technique, the higher the demands on details and construction. To ensure that the implementation matches the preliminary projections, we conducted a thorough model analysis of this project. We simulated calculations for different equipment used under various installation conditions.
Regarding the facade, some equipment needs to be installed along the curtain wall’s ground line with light brackets, some floodlights require pole installation, and certain fixtures like canopies will be surface-mounted directly. Special areas will also integrate with the landscape. There is a high requirement for consistency among these various equipment types.

Many construction units tend to focus on the appearance and power of the product when selecting and sampling, without considering specific parameters. In reality, we believe that confirming samples is crucial, and it should be done uniformly. Simply from the calculation model, it’s apparent that due to varying installation conditions and equipment choices, achieving a consistent outcome requires comprehensive considerations across various aspects.

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