Basketball is a huge part of Philippine culture from the professional league down to the streets, the sport is very much engrained in the hearts of the Filipino. So, it was welcome and positive news when we heard that the first ever Jordan store in Southeast Asia was to be in Manila. The brand as we know it is already established and has a strong following thus the lighting design direction was to reflect this force. In collaboration with the Nike HQ in Oregon, the lighting concept had to feel energetic, modern, and “elegant-street”. The hype is about all the good stuff inside, so our objective was to provide high quality and proper lighting to showcase the interior features thus, draw the people inside.

The store sits at the end of a vast park in the country’s premier CBD so when you are approaching, Jordan’s strong façade lighting emanating from the second floor greets you. The second floor of the retail hub is a basketball court cladded in off- white metal mesh where we proposed to have linear led strips installed from within. These fixtures are cool white daily unless there is a special event or celebration in the city then the lighting system can switch colors to participate in the event. The famous Jumpman logo is backlit in the same cool white tone and can also be in sync with the rest of the facade. The internal lighting from the basketball court where we installed forward throw optic fixtures on poles to illuminate the court further enhanced this light box effect as viewed from outside. These sport lighting fixtures also provided the proper illumination to highlight the red, white, and black mural created by artist Kimou Meyer found on the courts flooring. A nod to the original Jordan colors.

At the ground floor level, a strong retail lighting plan was carried out to anchor the bottom part of the façade. This was done through a combination of diffused Barrisol backlit lighting and medium angle track lights all in 3500 Kelvin. An average of 1500lx on the vertical surfaces was our target to give proper light to darker items and finishes.

For the entrance arcade, an all-glass ceiling with T5 tubes installed from the inside welcome the customers. The glass used is darkly tinted during the daytime and at night glows from within.

Attention to detail, great visual comfort and enhancing the shopping experience through lighting were wish lists we ticked- off designing this store. Until today, Jordan Manila is a distance shopping destination Filipino’s enjoy.

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