A family of modular precision machined, low-glare, high lumen output, in-ground or wall mounted LED luminaires. Utilising only the best materials and the very latest LED and lens technology to deliver outstanding outputs from such a small luminaire, the ingenious heat pipe, design & onboard microprocessor make the Jord 50 range the best miniature IP68 projectors available.

Designed specifically to withstand the rigours of Motor Yacht installations where the environment demands exceptional corrosion resistance, if they can survive the Atlantic, they can easily withstand Saline pools, tropical gardens or Spa applications.

Key Features:

o Trimmed or Trim-less versions with Special side emitter versions utilising a Special cast & ground Borosilicate Prism glass lens assembly
o CRI 90, 428 > 1056lms outputs from Static whites
o Dynamic white 2700>4000K CRI90
o 6 Super-efficient interchangeable TIR lenses – 8/28/35/44/4×25 & 15×45
o IP68 sealed with glass or polycarbonate lens options
o Standard Constant current Fed version (wired in series from remote driver)
o On board controller allows 12VDC Constant Voltage fed versions, switched and dimmed versions (wired in parallel from remote driver)
o Driver options available: Switched / Triac / 0-10V / 1-10V / DALI / DMX / Bluetooth.
o 316 Stainless steel or Bronze bezels, Admiralty Bronze bodies.
o CRI90/CCT options: 2700/3000/3500/4000/5000/6000K
o CREE “XD16” leds, 3.2mm LES, Super high density, each LED can run up to 2000mA, so under running to maximise efficacy and longevity especially for High ambient temperature locations.
o Modular construction so LED/Driver boards can be replaced/maintained, ensuring a future-proof design.
o Two cores (+/-) of double insulated FEP/LSF ruggedized input cables.
o Optional Micro cross blade or concentric ring Louvre options
o Optional Asymmetric beam bending films (select 8-degree lens when using angle bending films)
o Patented 3mm sintered PTFE, IP68 pressure relief gland
o Various Casting box options available – typically 42/50mm cut-out x 80mm depth

Complimentary Base or Spike mounted spots & recessed downlights available.

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