1. Inspired by the dancing ribbons, this design search a new Oriental charm by minimalist geometric elements. The part that lifts up towards the center comes from the natural physical twisting shape of a thin curved surface, and it gradually transitions to the horizontal circular feature, forming a good visual balance and breaking the monotony of most circular pendant lights.

2. This design incorporates an architectural perspective into the details. The lamp body consists of two sheet-like features that are staggered vertically at a certain distance. The inner and outer parts are assigned different colors. When the light casts onto the exterior of the “building” and reflected into the space, it forms a good hierarchy.

3. Based on the LED digital program control technology, when the lamp is turned on, the light will gradually spreads from the end of circle towards the center, rising like a flame in the space. When it is turned off, the light returns back along the opposite path. The product illuminates the indoor space with a strong artistic sense, and also highly imaginative. When multiple lamps are applied in the space, the staggered direction and height creates a rich image.

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