Jian Shan temple is located in the Alian District in Kaohsiung, which covers 34 square kilometers and has a population of 28,116. This pristine rural area is dominated by agriculture. At night, the 6500k cool white LED streetlights are source of excessive light in the surrounding environment, so we hope to keep the lighting in the temple under 2700k to encourage the use of softer lighting in traditional architecture at night and provide visitors to the temple with a sense of spiritual warmth.

From this elevated vantage point, the main building maintains its interior warmth and feeling of comfort. The lights themselves are hidden in the structure in keeping with the core design concept of indirect lighting. With its dimmable digital lighting system, this space is imbued with a changing ambience, as if it were a motion painting, between 6 pm and midnight.

At the front entrance of the building, four different levels of lighting bring both a sense of comfort and functionality to the temple entrance.

At night, the LED lighting hidden in the structure transmits natural light, creating a strong sense of perspective in the space.

We deliberately reduced the brightness at the entrance to the pagodas to maintain a good balance between lighting and environment.

The lighting in the multi-layer pagodas made the sculpted appearances look more powerful and the multi-level lighting inspires feelings of awe.

On the left side of the entrance is a traditional ritual building for burning joss paper. We utilize indirect lighting to enhance the visual and psychological effects of the architectural craftsmanship and create a sense of sacredness.

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