The Jewish Museum is located in one of the oldest synagogues in the city of São Paulo. The restoration, modernisation and construction of the contemporary building was the result of a civil society initiative. In 2021, the Museum opened to the public, based on diversity and resistance principles and aims to cultivate plural visions about Judaism.

The lighting design project of the two long-term exhibitions located on the ground and lower floor were developed in close collaboration with the expography team. The supports created for the exhibition are made of matte white painted metal surfaces. Their mouldable nature and artificial appearance, stand out from the materiality of the original building, creating a contemporary footprint. By directly illuminating the white supports, the building behind is visible in a more subtle layer of reflected light, highlighting the exhibition and detaching it from the building shell, while maintaining a respectful coexistence between them.

The synagogue’s ground floor has a 10 meters high dome that receives a projection, creating a sense of monumentality to the space.

A sinuous panel inspired by the unfolding movement of the Jewish Torah contains texts and objects that tell about the festivities of the cultural and religious calendar. A long sinuous serpent-shaped pendant line was created to support direct light projectors in perfect distance. The prominent corners of the panel appear darker, enhancing its folds and reinforcing its design in space. Showcases embedded in the panel receive accent internal lighting, dimmed to maintain control of luminosity for the collection.

All exhibition surfaces are directly and evenly lit, leaving the remaining spaces darker. Lighting is focused and dimmed to reach maximum levels of 50 lux in sensitive collections. The balance of intensities between the exhibition elements is essential so that all effects are harmonized and fully perceived.

On the lower floor, the exhibition presents the Jewish presence in Brazil and the various migratory movements of Jewish people. A complex apparent beam structure and its low-ceiling inspired the design proposal of pendant linear luminaires. These floating lines run parallel to the exhibition panels, referring to the idea of movement and dispersion, without, however, pointing to a coincident centre. Each line is independent and autonomous, but the set inspires a sense of collectivity.

In addition to the poetic approach, each line has a technical function. In the upper part there are projectors that illuminate the panels with direct light. The general luminosity that the lines emanate has a 2000K colour temperature, creating a subtle mist spreading through the room.

The exhibition panel receives a sinuous table with a timeline, which visually floats due to a discreet luminous line running along its entire length, generating a perception of the integrity of this great exhibition piece.

The harmony achieved through the meticulous design and the beauty of the proportion between the elements. The positioning of the floating pendant lines helps to suspend the space, creating a feeling of lightness and elegance.

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