Nestled within the illustrious Western Hajj Terminal, a stunning architectural creation by SOM in 1981, lies a site steeped in the cultural tapestry of KSA’s profound heritage. Here, where history converges with modernity, where Mecca and Medina connect as spiritual anchors, our lighting design tells a captivating tale of past, present, and future.

Immersed in the essence of this revered site, our approach was guided by reverence for both new architectural marvels and the historic pilgrim tents. Every choice made was a delicate dance between honouring tradition and embracing innovation.

Our design unfolds through three defining elements: Ethereal, Breathable, and Reflective.

Ethereal, manifested through recessed light sources, subtly unveiled the buildings while drawing the eye with a mesmerizing allure. Breathable, as spaces effortlessly blended indoors and out, transcending conventional boundaries. Finally, the modern Mashrabiya, alight from within, bestowed a floating grace upon the water plaza.

This timeless venue, destined to host both annual and biannual art exhibitions, inspired us to conceive an adaptable indoor lighting system, empowering future exhibition designers with track systems and metal meshes for optimal light placement. Outdoors, concealed facade lighting artfully minimized light pollution, preserving the night sky’s splendour, while accentuating the architectural grandeur. The water plaza, a serene companion, lent its surface to create enchanting reflections, transforming the plaza into a natural gathering haven.

Our paramount focus remained on enhancing the user experience—guiding navigation, fostering efficient workshop environments, and crafting evenings of tranquillity by the water’s edge. Meticulous calculations ensured a healthy workspace, acknowledging the dedication of volunteers and workers in behind-the-scenes areas.

Our mission was to seamlessly integrate various surfaces—concrete, glass, and the intricate Arabic Masharabiya—into a unified, visually enchanting tapestry. Each element illuminated, each detail meticulously brought to life. The central water plaza emerged as a radiant focal point, its allure enhanced by strategically positioned concealed lower facade lighting, casting captivating mirrored reflections.

The intricate details of the facade were a challenge we embraced—meticulously crafting recessed lighting to accentuate and mirror the facade onto the water plaza. Internally, concealed lighting details in non-exhibition spaces, such as slots, coves, and shadow gaps, were meticulously executed to elevate the ambiance.

Challenges abounded—scope, longevity, calculations—but time emerged as our greatest adversary. Within a tight four-month span, our team undertook the monumental task of design and execution. It tested our limits, yet our dedication remained unwavering, culminating in an exceptional result.This journey culminates in a testament to our team’s dedication, merging heritage with innovation. Despite the formidable obstacles of time constraints and the expansive project scope, we remained resolute in our pursuit of brilliance. Overcoming these hurdles, we intricately woven a design that not only illuminates but inspires.

As our lighting seamlessly intertwines with the architecture, fostering a harmonious convergence of tradition and modernity, we take immense pride in presenting an enduring legacy. A design that will guide and captivate visitors for generations to come. As our lights harmoniously entwine with the architecture, a symphony of tradition and modernity, we unveil an enduring legacy—a guiding beacon captivating visitors across generations.

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