Stays true to Ashley Sutton’s fantasy-driven design concept, inspired by the tale that takes place in the iron ore mines of Western Australia, and takes cues from his own book trilogy about miners trapped underground, tasked with forging iron fairies from the ore.

The lighting design aims to transport visitors into the mystical world of the iron ore mines, where the tale of trapped miners and the creation of iron fairies unfolds. The design seamlessly blends elements of darkness, mystery, and enchantment to create a truly magical and immersive experience.

Entrance Tunnel:
As visitors enter the underground space, a soft, low-level ambient glow guides them into the darkness, symbolizing the entrance to the mystical realm.

Casting Rooms:
Incoporate indirect lighting inside the room, creating an intimate lighting ambiance, highlited the brick wall along the casting room

First Floor & Mezzanine:
In the heart of the experience, the First floor becomes a focal point. Dynamic lighting simulates the intense heat and gives a warm impression. Combination between 2700K, 2400K for accent lighting with indirect lighting set-up with warm amber colour, transform the visitor being inside a miner’s forge.

Accent lighting to accentuate the fairies figures along the venue, gives the fairies comes to live. Meanwhile, indirect lighting element concealed in a bespoke tube, played with light and a shadow create a sense of magic and wonder as the fairies come to life.

We also creates a bespoke pendant lighting above the standing tables, by combining direct light to accentuate the tables and diffuse soft candle light as play of briliance.

And another bespoke industrial theme pendant light all around the high ceiling to gives imprression being inside the miners factory.

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