Delmatic’s smart ready IP DALI-2 Buswire module combines latest DALI-2 technology with Ethernet architecture, BACnet IP and granular MQTT integration, and forms the core of an IoT lighting management and smart building platform.

The cutting-edge module uses Ethernet as the network backbone to seamlessly communicate with DALI hubs and share real-time granular DALI and network data in BACnet and MQTT formats for unrivalled management, monitoring and smart integration. The module individually addresses and monitors up to 384 DALI-2 luminaire drivers across 6 DALI universes, plus individual monitoring of up to 64 DALI-2 control devices within each universe – including multisensors, presence detectors, switches, scene-set panels and Delmatic’s latest DALI-2 multi-discipline sensors. The module provides concurrent communication with latest DALI-2 drivers and legacy DALI drivers, as well as comprehensive DALI-2 emergency light testing and monitoring via DALI emergency devices.

Individual addressing of each luminaire with soft switching and dimming configuration guarantees the ultimate control of lighting, as well as complete flexibility to adapt lighting levels, scenes and colour temperature to suit the evolving requirements of a space. Lighting scenes and scenarios are instantly configured, managed and adapted through Delmatic’s advanced graphical software, without the need to access equipment or carry-out changes to the wiring installation.

MQTT is the global protocol of choice for today’s Internet of Things and Delmatic are established market-leaders in the application of MQTT for cloud-centric IoT integration. The IP DALI-2 Buswire represents every lighting point and device in a network as a configurable and individual MQTT payload, enabling granular MQTT data sharing for seamless control and integration with smart building systems and workplace Apps.

The IP DALI-2 Buswire module’s modular system architecture is optimised for scalability across large lighting control and smart building deployments. The compact design, master function controls and built-in diagnostics streamline installation, application and commissioning while built-in distributed intelligence guarantees operation of the module and lighting in the event of a network failure.

DALI-2 is the global standard for smart, digital lighting control and builds on the benefits of the original DALI technology combining accurate, energy-efficient digital dimming and individual driver and lamp failure monitoring with enhanced features including energy monitoring. Independent qualification and certification by the DALI Alliance guarantees complete product interoperability and the full benefit of the latest DALI-2 standard.

The powerful performance and smart IoT functionality of Delmatic’s IP DALI-2 Buswire Module, makes it the most advanced DALI-2 lighting controller on the market today.

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