Interconnection is an immersive art installation about the story of one of the greatest survivors on the planet: The fungi kingdom.

The artwork takes the visitor into an evolutionary journey that describes the crucial role that these fascinating organisms have on Earth; like keeping our forests alive, offering medical properties and developing an underground network, so-called “wood wide web”, in which the surrounding species connect to create a harmonious symbiotic relationship.

Interconnection is a completely handcrafted installation created by Sara Ki Noguera Plans (artist & lighting designer ) and Jonathan Ki Lindhult (artist & film director). Its design emphasizes the beauty of bioluminescent mushrooms and invites visitors to explore the idea of using “Bioluminescence” as an innovative and sustainable light source that could be used in the future to illuminate parks of our cities. It also touches the subject of light pollution by explaining how fireflies, which are also bioluminescent, are facing extinction due to light pollution, pesticides and habitat loss.

This artwork counts with; 3 large sculpture mushrooms (2 meters, 1.5 meters and 1.2 meters) ; 600 small mushrooms that grow from the ground, trees and logs; 300 units of magical grass and 150 fireflies that creates an imaginary entrance door into the fungi kingdom. Moreover, it includes an interactive area where people can make real mushrooms glow by using a flashlight.

While walking through this wonderland, visitors are accompanied with experimental music created by the sound artist Anton Helmersson. Additionally, they have the option to scan a QR-code to hear the story behind the Fungi Kingdom and the fireflies.

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