Instagram Moments is a high-tech immersive lighting install for today’s world; where people search for connections and memories yet everything has to be documented and captured in real time.

Fabricate were specified by Lighting Design Collective for Boohoo’s London HQ. The e-commerce store heavily relies on Instagram to boost its presence, using influencers, celebrities, bloggers to post. Consequently, making merchandise go viral and trends to escalate which increases Boohoo’s sales and brand exposure. It allows lighting to educate the public and to understand the importance of light. By enhancing experiences and using light as a medium to interact with personally and in a tangible way.

Working closely with Youth, Fabricate manufactured and installed the “Instagram Moments” lighting solution. The concept was to use two lighting elements, an RGBW Lightbox and two Light Line Round white lights integrating DMX and custom scene sets.

Instagram users have filters available to adjust or enhance your photos before you post. This concept is what Fabricate’s lighting solution replicated, creating filters with dynamic light settings. The user can pick a set capital city on the interface, typically a destination where you would rather be and the lighting changes to reflect the feel of that city. The “Instagram Moments” was implemented in areas with mirrors including the restrooms and changing rooms. The beautiful light effect was created with high CRI to show off the clothes in the best possible light.

This encourages visitors to photograph themselves in the client’s apparel, choosing real time light filters. This provides instant results with customers posting their Instagram shots on their profile creating incremental marketing opportunity and endorsement.

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