The new Infinity from Light Projects is a unique Track Spot designed by Terence Woodgate that, for the first time ever, offers a continuous 360° rotation on two axes to provide the ultimate precision in display lighting. The patented electromechanical mechanism removes the need for restrictive internal wiring that can be twisted or broken during rotation.

It offers users the ability to smoothly direct the beam in one fluid motion without having to adjust the pan and tilt separately, and it will remain in position without the need for any tightening or locking. The patented design allows for very shallow mounting on the track adaptor for discreet lighting effects and the spotlight beam can be directed anywhere below the supporting surface.

The unique movement is achieved using two precision components set at 45° to each other with both able to continuously rotate through 360°. The combined articulation allows careful positioning wherever required and allows this small fitting at 137mm long and 60mm diameter to provide a solution which is innovative, sleek and discreet.

Infinity offers complete tool-free interchangeable optics by LEDiL and come with a choice of 15°, 24°, 36°, 50° or 15°-45° Zoom in the standard range and a narrow model with a 9° beam.

Available in both black and white finishes as standard and RAL colours to order, all variants are available with White LEDs in four CCTs (2200K, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K) and three CRIs (97+, 90+ and 80+) with 3-step MacAdam ellipse.

The Infinity uses Bridgelux Gen 8 V6 HD LED COB (3 SDCM Binning) and is suitable for most 3 Circuit or 6 conductor data tracks, including Eutrac Onetrack, AG Stucchi One Track, Lival Global TracPro, Erco and Uni Pro Control DALI Track amongst others.

InTrack or Invistrack adaptors provide switched or dimming control via Mains, DALI and Casambi while the Self Dim version gives the user local manual adjustment. Casambi models utilise Bluetooth technology to allow users to control the luminaires remotely with any smart device.

A wide range of accessories for the Infinity Standard can be applied using the magnetic accessory holder and include the different optics, honeycomb louvres, spreader lens and frosted glass.

About Terence Woodgate

One of the UK’s most respected industrial designers, Terence has become known for a stripped-down, elegant, modern approach to design. He became a Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) in 2003 and has received several international design awards, including the Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ and the IF Ecology Award.

About Light Projects

For over 30 years, Light Projects has been designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative products for lighting designers, specifiers and end-users to realise their creative visions with light.
With a comprehensive range of bespoke, fibre optics and LED lighting solutions, the company can supply suitable lighting for everything from lighting residential properties, gardens and landscapes through to lighting museums, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels and lighting commercial applications.

Light Projects uses the latest lighting technology and lamps to help Lighting Designers create stunning lighting schemes with the right combination of aesthetic visual appeal and energy efficiency.

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