The task for Indigo Fitness was to provide light for active work out in an underground fitness-spa-bar studio.

We developed a retro-futuristic fake window front, resembling the effect of daylight falling though half closed Venetian blinds for a double height, concrete brute work out room without access to daylight.

Derived form a bare diffuse LED light tube lighting language of industrial nostalgia for the rough concrete brute aesthetics of the space, we wanted to provide a powerful but not overpowering lighting stimulant with a sense of unquestioned, natural lighting direction, intensity and ease.

Stimulating wellbeing, providing architectural identity and visually connecting the adjacent main machine room, changing rooms, reception, sauna and yoga room, the massive lighting installation surprisingly goes unnoticed for most users of the fitness club who enjoy the quasi natural, bright vibe of the space to fully concentrate on their fitness goals of the day.

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