Incline is the Reggiani new range of linear lighting that combines high performance and cutting-edge optics in just 14mm.

Designed to work with standard 3-circuit tracks, Incline uses patented Ghostrack technology, equipped with an invisible adapter and driver, for single or cluster installation. Incline can also be used in Reggiani Supertrack trimless tracks, only 19mm wide.

Incline offers new opportunities in interior lighting, with an extraordinary flexibility of use in multiple contexts such as museums, retail spaces, hospitality, showroom and offices.

“The aim was to create a comprehensive lighting design toolkit for lighting designers: a modular luminaire with clean design and very small dimensions that is adaptable to different projects (new or refurbishment ones).” explains Roberto Martello, Reggiani Head of Design.

Incline is available with 3 different optical solutions: Wall Washer, both drop and flush, Dark Performance, with micro-reflectors for glare control and low UGR, and with an Opal diffuser, both flush and drop.

The Dark Performance option can be integrated with a wide variety of technical and decorative accessories, all magnet mounted, thus granting maximum precision and ease of use.

Incline is part of the Ghostrack system and can be combined with the Yori Evo Ghostrack projectors and the Yori Pendant Ghostrack suspensions for even more versatile lighting configurations.

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