Il Baretto is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Riyadh. While it is located in KSA, the restaurant remains authentically Italian in style and in ambience.

The architecture is classical with a touch of home as there are many details in the space that serve as reminders of Italy. It is why all the decorative lighting fixtures are tailored to the space, making the dining in Il baretto a genuine experience of its own.

You are welcomed with a high coffered ceiling which is an indication of the elite. To show off these sunken squares in the ceiling, indirect lights are washing them softly while being completely hidden in gypsum coves.

To accentuate the paintings and certain details, small grooves are cut into the ceiling with discreet spotlights to accentuate tables and framing projectors to highlight the paintings.

In the bar area, the bottles are suspended from a metal structure in such a way that you can’t see them unless sitting around the bar. The bottles are backlit and sitting on top of them a structure holding a glass with the map of Italy etched into them. Inside the glass a pendant is suspended from the ceiling to give the glass an ambient glow.

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