The Iconic Arrival proudly ascends from the sweeping landscape planters as a welcoming gateway to the new entertainment and dining precinct at Chadstone Shopping Centre – ‘The Social Quarter’.

The Social Quarter is the first development in Australia to achieve a Green Star Designed assessment with the new Green Star Buildings. This industry certification from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) represents Australian Excellence in better, healthier, and more responsible buildings. The core principle of sustainability is evident through the biophilic design, naturally ventilated common areas, provision of natural light through extensive skylights and windows, and the incorporation of a 199KW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system. The project was specifically recognised for better construction practices, connection to nature, quality soundscaping, reduction of embodied carbon and on-site power generation.

The architectural forms, reflective ceiling treatment, and the cascading perimeter lighting creates an impressive entrance. The towering, angled spires are purposefully illuminated to enhance the cathedral-inspired interior. Light sources are concealed within architectural details to enable a delicate accentuation of architecture, structure, and materials.

Small, adjustable LED spotlights with narrow beam optics are surface mounted to the underside of the main Iconic Arrival ceiling and positioned either side of the raked structural members. The detail creates a series of concentrated beams of light cascading down the structure. The intensity of light subtly fades as the light reaches the pavement level of the internal stairs.

Slim, LED strip recessed to the perimeter of the feature roof accentuates the interface between the Rimex ceiling and primary canopy. A small form factor was utilised to ensure an elegant, discreet solution. Building services and equipment were carefully coordinated and minimised to ensure the Rimex ceiling remained absence of clutter.

Integrated handrail lighting guides patrons up the grand stairs towards the entrance of the Social Quarter.

All lighting is carefully integrated to provide a light, bright, ethereal atmosphere.

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