Located in the coast of Limassol, the Icon Tower constitutes one of the most recognizable high-rise buildings in Cyprus, offering exclusive residences and a spectacular infinity-edge pool restaurant with uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean Sea. Inspired by the unique shape of a luminescent diamond, the final lighting outcome embraces the exterior lighting of different lifestyle amenities that are housed in the twenty-one story building.

Conceived with simplicity and elegance, each lighting application highlights the materials and the architectural forms. The diamond shape of the building is formed by a linear cove with concealed ledstrips which is crafted in the metal cladding panels along the main façade beams. This indirect light offers not only a uniform luminous line but also protects the ledstrips from the excessive sunshine and humidity of Cyprus.

A luxurious and welcoming lighting in the entrance lobby is achieved by highlighting the perimeter inclined stone walls, while the interior textures of the furniture and the reception desk are revealed by track spots with various lenses. The two story parking above it, is covered with vertical louvres with cove lighting, creating a luminous foundation for the tower. The concept for the pool bar was a celebrating lighting that would give life to the center of the façade. Diffuse and local lighting from uplights and pendants merges with the water reflections of the infinity pool. The rest of the residential floors combine a lighting puzzle with lit and dark parts, depending on their occupancy. The balconies are converted into luminous cubes producing different versions of the same façade lighting scenario.

The design team created a glare-free visual effect that passersby can enjoy while looking upwards. The linear effects of the façade are produced only with indirect light, while all exterior linear luminaires and track spots are installed in ceiling coves providing spaces with high visual comfort for the residents and the visitors.

Sustainability and maintenance were major design factors that required innovative energy-efficient lighting equipment. All the ledstrips on the façade are installed in a clip-on system in order to be accessible and replaceable according to a strict maintenance schedule. To achieve the best efficiency over the next years, the ledstrips function in dimmer preset through a DALI control system.

The last but not least achievement of this lighting study is the protection of the environment. This high rise building is illuminated with zero light pollution, blending perfectly to the city’s dark sky.

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