“The Hypnotic Chandelier,” an enchanting luminary creation conceived by student’s Rezvan Shahrabifarahani and Elli Protopapadaki. This sustainable masterpiece, also recognized as “The Bottled Symphony,” has left its mark on esteemed Danish festivals: Copenhagen Light Festival 2024, Distortion Music Festival 2023, and Karrusel Music Festival.

What distinguishes this piece is not just its aesthetic allure, but its commitment to sustainability. Crafted from 600 recycled plastic bottles and adorned with 30 meters of programmable LED lights, it stands as a beacon of eco-consciousness. Importantly, it is designed for multi-event appearances, emphasizing the promotion of reusable art.

The creation of this chandelier involves a meticulous orchestration of technology and artistic vision. From initial brainstorming and modeling to sophisticated rendering in 3ds Max with Corona, each step reflects precision and creativity. Sourcing 600 recycled bottles from Copenhagen’s recycling centers, constructing seven rows using PVC pipes, and adding metal ropes for enhanced safety showcases a commitment to aesthetics, sustainability, and safety.

The essence of “The Hypnotic Chandelier” lies in its intelligent illumination. Addressable LEDs, programmed with a fusion of Arduino and Raspberry Pi technologies, breathe life into the installation, creating a symphony of light that harmonizes with the festival’s rhythm.

As the sun sets and the festival atmosphere unfolds, our chandelier transforms into a dynamic meeting point. Festivalgoers are drawn to its sustainable glow, compelled to engage in a dance beneath its radiant embrace. This is not merely an installation; it’s an immersive experience that redefines the festival space into a playground of lights and movement.

Our visual narrative, documented through a series of photographs, captures the evolution from concept to realization, illustrating the delicate interplay of art, technology, and sustainability. Whether bathed in daylight or illuminating the festival night, “The Hypnotic Chandelier” stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of innovation and environmental responsibility.
“The Hypnotic Chandelier” is not just a concept; it’s a beacon, inviting us to illuminate the world with purpose and beauty.

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