Derived from the ancient Greek ὑφ’ ἕν (huph’ hén), Hyphen designates the union of two opposites in one; the warm, soft and sensitive porcelain and cold, strong, and brilliant steel. Each piece is available in several materials and finishes, including chromatic black cast steel, blasted black steel cast iron, and matte white porcelain.

Hanging, the Hyphen collection’s two cylindrical bodies are joined by a pivot that offers several light positions and orientations projecting a soft directional light.

Like every d’Armes luminaire, Hyphen is designed and manufactured in Morin-Heights, Quebec. Staying true to the practice’s philosophy of working closely with specialized experts and skilled local artisans, the porcelain pieces used in Hyphen are made in the same village by ceramic artist Gréta Jonckheere, who used her expertise to help develop the collection. Each collection piece is made individually using custom-made porcelain molds and is handled with the utmost care, taking several manufacturing phases spread over multiple days.

“With Hyphen and our work at large, we aim to design and manufacture lights that bring uniqueness to an environment, create an emotion, enhance a decor and elicit curiosity,” says Joncas. “Hyphen is unique in its form, as well as the production process of artistic collaboration and using porcelain and molding.

We are also choosing to use light bulbs while many designers don’t. We find this design choice to be friendlier to the environment, as clients can then replace and ‘fix’ the pieces without having to return or change the whole lamp,” says Le Bars.

Keeping sustainability in mind Hyphen comes in plastic-free packaging made of recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable cardboard and is delivered using worldwide carbon-neutral shipping.

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