hymn is an LED candle created by Ambientec’s proprietary technology that reproduces a flame by means of an LED light source, pendulum lens, and magnet control.

When lit, the candle glows strongly as if lit by a fire, and then the intensity of the light diminishes, after which the user can choose to increase the intensity by one step, if desired. When extinguished, the candle blinks out as if blowing out a fire, playfully expressing the fun of interacting with light.
And since it has a waterproof rating equivalent to IP66, which can withstand strong water flow from any direction, it can be used in bathrooms and outdoors with peace of mind. The dome-shaped glass shade, which is a shape that cannot be achieved with ordinary fire, is another aspect of hymn’s uniqueness.


– Outer diameter: 69mm
– Width: 96mm
– Height: 102mm

– 360g

Colour temperture:
– 2000K

Dimming level, Battery run time:
– LOW : 24hours
– HIGH : 8hours

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