A theatre of lighting performing throughout an infrastructure deep within a hydropower station mountain. The unique installation of an environmental combination of the 1,000 metres tunnels of the power plant with the spectrum of changing colour lighting enhances the relationship of mother earth and man’s co-existence. Already recognized as one of the ten most environmental friendly projects, it is the first hydropower project in Italy to receive such recognition. Leading the way in Europe where such efforts have been made to eliminate the negative impacts on the environment.

“Creating consciousness and promoting a different approach to energy supply from hydropower” is the essential message.

The lighting project reflects the cutting-edge of today’s hydropower technology. Its key aspect was to create an intersection between the technological environment and the mystical atmosphere of the mountain’s hidden beauty with the company values of environmental preservation, conservation of the natural fish stock and the people.

Using an aesthetic approach of floating light spectrums reflecting on the water surface, together with vibrant light settings, one can explore within an emotional dialogue. An immediate relationship is established from the harmonious geometric impressions of lights, water and porphyry rock. The colour changing atmosphere subtly suggests a connection between the mountain, her visitors and the technical employees. The customised lighting solution creates a scene with an extraordinary experience as an expression of positiveness and somehow creating connection with your inner depth.

On entering the tunnels the main cavern opens to the 3 powerful iconic waterfalls focused by last generation-LED spotlights. Each spotlight has been tailored with special finishes to withstand the most challenging conditions of dirt, corrosiveness and moisture at 90% of relative humidity. Darkness surrounds the first meters of a gangway and platform suspended from the ceiling, to a connected series of LED spotlights, beautifully illuminating the way along to the impressive penstock length. For a precise alignment of reflections and smooth colour transitions every single light-item is installed with uniquely developed, specifically tailored, stainless steel brackets.

Conceived to highlight the specific characteristics of the hydropower plant St Anton and also the essential result after a complex creative specification the entire design process of this lighting design meets the highest requirements.

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