Located in the heart of downtown, the Hyatt Regency Seattle is a premier hospitality destination for traveling professionals and tourists alike. Located within convenient walking distance to the Washington State Convention Centre and some of Seattle’s most iconic attractions, including the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, it is perfectly centralized for Seattle visitors.

Challenged with large volume spaces focused on flexibility, the design team ensured comforting touches of home to welcome travellers. Upon arrival, guests are immediately greeted with a “cloak of warm light” created with a multi-layered lighting approach including custom chandelier element and carefully detailed light within the toe-kick of the reception desk. These subtle cues aid and support guests seamlessly directing them to welcoming hotel staff.

The project’s success is attributed to careful integration of thematic and flexible lighting within three unique ballroom spaces, ensuring each potential client can tailor the space to their individual needs. Some ballrooms introduce colour changing lighting fixtures, while others introduce tunable white lighting to ensure branding can be achieved for any event. Another success institutes a “black-box theatre” approach in which the ceiling is removed for maximum flexibility while sleek pendants are utilized to draw attention to the guests, emitting soft light and subtle twinkle reminiscent of a starry night sky. Consistent throughout all high-profile spaces is the implementation of a networked DMX control system, allowing simplified transformation of the lighting system to support any event.

Within public gathering spaces, lighting helps to accentuate large forms while also introducing intimacy at lower conditions reminiscent of an individual’s home. Lighting carefully integrated into railing and interior planter elements provides warmth and “heat” around individuals ankles lowering the overall scale of space, reinforcing a residential feel. Large volumes embrace the availability of natural light with daylight responsiveness and a networked control system, while creating a comfortable welcoming mood during evening hours.

Truly one of a kind, the Hyatt Regency Seattle offers flexibility and a higher sense of home, delivering on ownership’s desire to fulfil the growing need of a welcoming and comfortable convention environment.

The towering 45-story hotel is the first LEED Gold certified hotel in Seattle.

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