Defined by fluid sculptural forms, this stunning private residence sits on the edge of Sydney Harbour. Bold concrete forms meet the warmth of timber and natural stone with lighting playing on the unique architectural geometries.

Descending in the lift, opening into the entrance tunnel, you are greeted by an arch of warm light, accentuating the waxed curved form and luminescent quality of the material. Linear indirect lighting guides you toward the main entry, with a custom pendant designed to follow the architectural angles and work within the constraints of the geometry, site lines and scale. As you move through the tunnel, skylight lighting, wall lights and artwork lighting, visually punctuate the space and narrate the experience of each unique section of the tunnel.

Within the residence, distinctive forms guide the journey with lighting supporting a sense of discovery. Pools of light create intimate moments and visual accents, marking transition points and landings as well as places of solitude and rest.

Detailed to give soft distribution across each landing without a harsh cut-off, integrated stair lighting wraps around the distinctive spiral staircase, visually delineating each stair tread with a warm glow for safe movement.

Vertically connecting the void, trimless recessed fittings provide a uniform wash of light down the double height wall, accentuating the scale and supporting flexible artwork placement. By day, vertical lighting of the side walls frame the space with surface brightness visually connecting the interior to the exterior balancing the visual contrast. In the same luminaire family, trimless recessed fittings are precisely located throughout the residence to provide light where needed balancing light with dark.

By night, the exterior landscaping walls come to life- lit from below and layered with accent lighting to the planting, shadows dance on the walls drawing the eye to the side walls giving an element of visual privacy into the house and allowing the residents to see out into the harbour beyond.

Internally a fully operational butlers kitchen is lit with integrated shelf lighting meeting the task lighting requirements. Uplighting above the joinery creates a visual screen from the main kitchen and dining spaces, minimising the visual impact of the lighting in the butlers kitchen turning on and off when guests are visiting.

At night, as the house lighting is dimmed and the fire is turned on, the soft uplighting and floor lamps create a warm and cosy atmosphere. During the night, carefully placed sensors activate low level, low intensity lighting within the bathrooms to facilitate safe movement without turning on the bright overhead lighting to support the sleep cycle.

A complete and integrated home automation system provides a range of lighting scenes to suit the different needs at different times of the day including day, night and ‘party mode’. Party mode locks out specific sensors and scenes keeping the house looking it’s best for dinner guests offering a well-planned and fine-tuned experience.

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