The Hôtel LA MAMOUNIA set in Marrakech offers a totally redesigned vision of its main public areas to an international guest community.

The Tea Room , the Churchill Bar, the Italian and the Asian restaurant, the wine bar with big scale lanterns around the pool area and his Pavilion, are new areas designed by “ Jouin Manku studio” in close collaboration with “Voyons Voir” lighting design who signed the overall lighting.

3 spectacularly massive Chandeliers and a set of decorative lighting such as wall, floor and table lamps and pendants will surprise and delight guests along their visit.

The approach of VV has been focused on achieving a subtle combination between the legacy of this famous hotel and a contemporary vision within the premises of La Mamounia, using lighting objects specifically designed for every single room.

The massive chandelier of the Tea Room is composed of hundreds of glass pieces, lighted by sidelight-led-modules specifically designed to enhance the 650 structured glass pieces and to produce light reflections onto the fountain sitting below the chandelier. A back-lighting effect has also been created to project glass reflections all over the room and onto the historical Moroccan ceiling of the salon.

Scorners, floor lamps and pendants have also been especially designed for this area.

In Churchill Bar, the lighting has been designed with lighting devices integrated into lower parts of the wall, into the bar and in the back bar. Custom-made lighting devices have been created to fit into wood ceiling partitions and into green table lamps.

The masterpiece of the Italian restaurant is a chandelier installed above the show cooking and composed by 2 layers of glass blades. This chandelier, and scorners implemented on pillars around, are both equipped with adjustable white sources in order to follow the pace of a meal, starting from a welcoming warm ambience to a very warm light atmosphere for night time.

Sharp light accent focused on table centrepieces create a cosy atmosphere as well as a set of custom light objects.

Set in a Moroccan classic architecture, the Asian restaurant boasts contemporary pendant lamps designed by Voyons Voir to work as accent, ambient and decorative all-in-one fixture and completed by adjustable white floor lamps. The ambience is quiet and soft, in dark wood architecture with colourful tables and a glossy marble floor reflecting light.

In the garden, three large lanterns are designed as lighting boxes, incorporating a sofa area. Guests are guided though a stair down to the basement and to a wine cellar. In this space, all the lighting is integrated within the furniture and in the cellar. Over the table, a huge skylight, braided chandelier made by local craftsmanship, floods the space with light.

In the pool Pavilion, a huge 9-meter diameter chandelier circled with a ring made in batyline canvas and metal, diffuses its light onto counters below thanks to hidden mini-projectors.

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