This minimalist piece combines natural timber elements with an unexpected light source. The light is recessed into the specially selected horizontal timber and the custom made LED light source includes an aluminium heat sink, light diffuser and wooden end caps.

The result is what looks to be a branch hanging in space with light glowing from the underneath, with a neatly hidden light source, in the Horizontal scrub endemic to the Tasmanian wilderness.

Each piece of timber has been specially selected for its linear nature, bark composition and appropriate diameter. The Horizontal Scrub timber is salvaged, with the bark remaining on the item indefinitely, keeping one of the central appeals through each lights unique polished yet rustic appearance.
This appearance and the unexpected bursting of the light from underneath, showcase Duncan’s interest in the natural environment in Taasmania, Australia, in which the item is made and the dispersion of light through and around items, which often initially look to be solid.

This light is currently made in two lengths, all around the 50mm diameter (with variations in diameter due to the salvaged nature of the material): 730 mm and 1000 mm. Customised lengths can be made to order.


Horizontal Scrub

Black cloth-covered low voltage cords, 1.5 metres long.

Black mini ceiling canopies.

Custom warm white LED light source.

12 vdc LED driver, ready to wire.

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