Discovered 250 years ago on 10th June 1868 by two railway workers who crawled into a crevice in the rocks in search of a dropped hammer and found themselves in this wonderful space, the 870-metre long cave winds its way through the limestone of Iserlohn, 360 metres of which are open to the public. The cave is particularly rich in crystalline deposits. It is a well-known fact that crystals refract light, and carefully dosed illumination in appropriate colours will bring out their natural splendour.

The task World of Lights set itself was to create a kind of “Magical Mystery Tour”, with light and shadow, nature and technology becoming an entity.

LED lamps and video-projections transformed the age-old stone into a dramatic but graceful backdrop. Deliberately placed optical illusions apparently defied the laws of physics. The visitor was greeted by giant illuminated dandelion clocks, the seeds of which appeared to disperse into the depths of the cave.

Designers used the walls of the Dechenhöhle as a painter would his canvas. The cave has much to offer. The numerous nooks and crannies are predestined to harbour light sculptures to take people by surprise. Dragons, imaginary creatures, cave-paintings and huge fluorescent black light beetles create a mythical atmosphere.

The illumination was in place from February 22nd to March 25th.

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