To welcome visitors within the entrance lobby of the Hilton Alpharetta Hotel in Atlanta, Designheure were been commissioned to create a custom sized chandelier as a sparkling focal point. The design brief was to create a light feature that captured the essence of this luxury hotel and be appreciated from numerous different points in the lobby; arriving through the entrance, along the top mezzanine and within the seating areas of this contemporary lobby.

This new addition to the Hilton Hotels and Resorts is located in the heart of the Windward Business District, offering guests not only magnificent views of the North Georgia mountains but also great access to high end restaurant and retail experiences. From Designheure’s contemporary lighting portfolio, the Fleur de Kaolin collection was explored and customised to respond to the project concept. Composed of delicate porcelain, brushed brass and their signature textile cords, this chandelier design provides an elegant first impression as you enter the hotel lobby.

Descending an impressive 28ft, the lobby has been adorned with a custom made version of the Fleur de Kaolin chandelier. As per all of the chandeliers in Designheure’s ever expanding portfolio, designers and architects are provided with the opportunity to tailor these decorative light features to suit their project ceiling heights. For the lobby of the Hilton Alpharetta Hotel, the Fleur de Kaolin chandelier was not only increased in size, but further decorative porcelain components were included to provide even further points of light throughout the full height of the space.

For the Fleur de Kaolin lighting design collection, Designheure embarked upon a partnership with the French porcelain manufacturer Haviland. The Limoges-based establishment, which dates back to 1842, has a unique know-how and incredible expertise of creating luxury porcelain. Such qualities have been integrated into the decorative components of the Fleur de Kaolin collection, which are then delicately illuminated and poetically composed throughout all of the various products featured in the collection. From pendant lights, chandeliers to wall sconces, the essence of the Fleur de Kaolin design is adapted to suit a range of environments that desire a decorative solution.

The spirit of this design is centred on the warm, white porcelain components, as well as the graphic verticality that can be seen in brass rods, steel cables and textile cords. Suspended like a mobile, this design adapts well to large ceiling heights, such as hotel lobbies, through its cascading, vertically composed forms. The warm glow of the 24 decorative porcelain components in the Hilton Alpharetta Hotel chandelier can be seen from afar, drawing you in through the main entrance to the lobby. To provide further texture and perspective throughout the chandelier, the components are also assembled in three different sizes, continuing a luxurious and jewel-like appearance, as well as capturing Designheure’s exquisite French touch.

Through their lighting designs, Designheure continues to introduce beauty, poetry and elegance to exceptional spaces, enabling the creation of unique lighting solutions adapted to their destined environment. In compliance with the DNA of Designheure, each collection also offers infinite possibilities of colour customisations, providing clients the opportunity to sculpt their interiors even further.

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