Hero is designed to cast light in any direction while the fixture itself remains stationary. It has a row of fixed LEDs that shine up into a corresponding row of tiny movable reflectors. A joystick moves the row of reflectors within an X-Y plane. As the reflectors move relative to the LEDs below them, the angle of emitted light changes dramatically. Since the fixture never needs to move to aim its light, multiple units can be perfectly aligned to one another and to the architecture for a clean contemporary look, instead of messy track lights aimed in many directions.

Hero is a sleek linear luminaire delivering up to 2000 lumens of perfect light in 10°, 22°, and 31° beam widths. Beam direction is adjustable up to 40° of tilt in any direction with the integral joystick and is securely locked with a single screw. It is available with track, monopoint, and architectural fittings, while a recessed fixture will be available next year.


The key innovation of Hero is that the direction of the fixture and the direction of the light are no longer locked together. This simple but surprising capability creates a revolution in how adjustable light is used.

For the architect, Hero can be installed to follow the lines of the architecture, while still flexibly casting light to where it’s needed. Freed of the bulk and space of gimbals, Hero is compact and fits neatly into the tightest spaces. Since Hero is not tilted to adjust its light, it can be positioned without concern that neighbouring features will undesirably block or reflect its light.

For the lighting designer, inward pointing LEDs working with novel optics, advanced materials, and an adaptive glare baffle make Hero one of the most inherently glare-free luminaires ever conceived. Hero can be tilted up toward the wall, making its light emitting face invisible to normal occupants while still able to illuminate subjects directly below it and up to the ceiling.

Taken together, Hero integrates and disappears into the architecture like no other adjustable luminaire before it, focusing attention only onto what is important.


Hero features Industrial Design that is as utilitarian as it is beautiful. It is minimal and very clean since most people don’t want too much attention at the light source.

Hero has a sleek linear form built on a precision aluminium extrusion, capped with rectangular or rounded endcaps to create a wrapping form that elegantly frames the technical innovation. The rectangular model is architectural in nature: its clean lines make a row of luminaires feel continuous, and they can be recessed into ceilings or walls if subtlety is the priority. The rounded model has a softer, friendly personality appropriate for retail and more personal spaces. Precisely fitted parts ensure a subtle seam that disappears at a distance and a solid construction of enduring beauty.

Hero is available in standard white, black and silver, so there’s an appropriate colour for nearly every space, and custom colour matching is available.

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