Hellenic Vibes is a smart hotel, located in the heart of Athens. This boutique hotel is the one of the very few smart hotels in Greece. The lighting scheme is designed to permit the hotel guests to alter the lighting scheme according to their needs through a mobile application.

The lighting scheme of this hotel is also, based on the idea of Athens being a very busy city, where people move around all the time. Athens is one of the very few European cities where you can find busy streets, plazas, and cafes even at 5am. There is an endless flow of energy which is expressed in the scheme using linear light. Despite its craziness, Athens transforms at night. Especially when viewed from above – from a rooftop or a hill its view is just breath-taking.

The idea above is exactly the concept that the lighting scheme follows. From the moment one enters the hotel, he/she can sense the flow of energy and the desire to move around and discover this place. Following the linear lights one can get to the public areas like the reception and the breakfast areas, as well as to the corridors that lead to the rooms. The linear lights tell the visitor where to move and suggest where to stop. For example, the breakfast area is an interesting part of the building, where visitors can take a stop and have a bite or a drink. The lighting scheme of the atrium located in the breakfast area utilizes linear lights which according to the time of the day are either very warm or cold. For example, in the morning the lighting scheme of the breakfast area is quite cool 5000-6000K and by the night it gradually turns warm down to 2400K. This way the visitors experience the changes in the daylight and the artificial light during the whole day.

Inside the rooms, there are two different sets of linear lights: the ones being in the corridors which suggest movement and the ones located above the bed, which combined with the circular surface mounted luminaires, which are perceived as ‘the sun’ imitate the sunset. The circular lights consist of a warm light inwards component and a cool light outwards component. The visitor can dim them and create the atmosphere he prefers. With the use of mirrors, the linear lights multiple and connect creating interesting visual relationships between the different spaces.

On the top floor where the suites are located, the linear light lines are reduced, and the flow is becoming softer. The final stop is at the balconies where a beautiful sitting area is located with an amazing view to the Acropolis. This is the moment where one forgets the busy city and enjoys the amazing atmosphere and the ethereal view.

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