Havenkom – Almere Haven

From the Sluiskade until de Brink, Almere Haven – one of the neighbourhoods in Almere- got a brand new light installation. In the Havenkom, the lighting design is combined with the spatial design by HOSPER after which it leads you to the canals and squares of the city centre. The light provides a recognisable and attractive appearance.

It all started with the design and development of ‘Rings of Light’, which were designed by team ‘SpOt’ during Light Challenge 2015.
The Light Challenge is a design competition that challenges new generations of students to come up with innovative concepts for lighting, together with their educational institute, partners from the industry and municipalities. I’ve been very fortunate for coaching this team of students.
Today, five rings of light are shining their lights and colours over the ‘Markt’ -market square- providing residents and visitors a playful and impressive atmosphere.

After the course of the Light Challenge the Municipality of Almere was so impressed how well thought lighting can make a difference, and invited C.Light.Wise to create a lighting design for the district surrounding the ‘Markt’. The area is the centre of Almere Haven and holds a variety of residences, restaurants, shops, canals, alleys, squares and a harbour.

The goal of the lighting designer was to design an attractive, safe and recognisable light installation where both light and darkness play their roles with respect to all users of this urban space.
Where the previous installation mainly focussed on functionality by meeting norms and standards, this new lighting design guides the users naturally from the waterfront to the shops and from their residences to the restaurants.

Throughout the whole projectarea custom made lightpoles, which may remind you of boat masts, are used to carry spotlights illuminating the streets, walkways and squares. These spots contain different light distributions and intensities so the wellknown, functional, streetoptics are no longer needed. An additional diffused ring softens the edges and makes the light almost tangible. Huge benefit of this use is the ability of rotating and directing the spots in a way that they illuminate exactly what’s needed. At the waterfront and alongside the canals this means the light doesn’t hit the water. In the residential and shopping areas the spots are directed in a way they give a perfect view in the streets and surroundings, and are glare free.

Small fixtures integrated in two layers of the balustrades provide the upper and lower quay with a smooth brush stroke of light. Railings on the stairs are executed in the same way.

All fixtures are dimmable and programmed to serve different purposes.

During installation of this work, passersby and residents commented very positively and surprised. Asking what they liked most they’ve mentioned the vivid atmosphere, the different layers of light that gives sense of depth to the area and the renewed pride they feel living there.

It’s been a long road getting here, but this project wouldn’t be realised without the collaboration of all parties involved.

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