Haus Wedells was completed in 1896 and can thus look back on a varied history. First private property, it was later passed into public ownership and was used, amongst other things, as an art gallery, a representative guest house and, after the war, for purposes of the allied forces. Today, it serves as headquarters of the HanseMerkur insurance company.

The façade illumination was designed to retrace and accentuate relevant vertical and horizontal architectural characteristics of the historical façade. Particularly small luminaires in custom colours were used and intensive planning and coordination was necessary to meet the criteria of conservation of historical heritage sites.
Furthermore, a historical lantern was rediscovered during renovation and has been extensively restored. It is now located below the balcony.

Additionally to the illumination of the historical façade, a lighting concept was developed for the new-built entrance next to the historical building.

The overhanging roof of the glass construction is illuminated directly, emphasising the architectural structure of the new entrance. Inside, linear luminaires follow the architecture as well as the paths inside the building. At night, interesting reflections of the ceiling lights can be seen on the glass façade.


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