The lighting scheme for Harrods Hair & Beauty flows with the architecture, highlighting features and expressing organic forms to create soft and harmonious light filled spaces. It was important for the ambient lighting to be warm, concealed and integrated to give the spaces a relaxing spa or members club atmosphere. Each space had its own unique brief from a functional and use aspect, with all spaces needing to embody the same identity and project character. Three colour temperatures of light are blended to achieve ambiance, colour rendering and functional goals seamlessly without visitor awareness.

Entering the space from Escalator 5 at one end or Technology at the other the visitor is greeted by an archway of light, where layers of concealed warm lighting highlight multiple pink tones introducing the architectural pallet of the apace beyond. The light level in the entrance portals and main traversing route is higher stepping back as you move through the space to blend the transition between higher illumination in other departments and the softer tranquillity of Hair & Beauty.

Reception is all lit in 2700K with concealed homogenous linear lighting to front desk, rear wall panels and display niches. There is also illumination to bespoke fluted glass signage and the desk has minimal numbers of downlighting for task and bespoke alabaster lamps for ambiance.
Retail mats are illuminated from the ceiling level from track lighting concealed within an architecturally detailed slot. This approach was taken to abide by store engineering guidance to only use mains voltage track while ensuring the track and luminaires were semi concealed above the line of the ceiling for cleaner views through the space. The track lighting slot also has concealed 2700K diffused linear LED to provide warm ambient lighting to the space. Lighting to the products from the track spots is 3000K to contrast against the spaces ambiance and ensure packaging and branding are clearly and precisely rendered. Perimeter shelving within retail has 2700K uplighting to the curved soffit, 3000K concealed linear LED to the product shelving and 2700K to fluted glass signage panels.

Hair rotunda mixes high colour rendering 2700K and 4000K downlighting to the clients hair giving natural colour representation for daylight comparison without washing out the clients skin tones. The diffused reduced glare downlighting is set out and focussed to give reduced shadowing and even illumination either side of the head. Facial lighting is provided from individually wireless dimmable 2700K mirror halo lighting, allowing the stylist to set a comfortable level for the client. Glamour and further warming tones are provided by bespoke decorative lights either side of the mirror including 2400K tube lamps. These decorative fittings are one of ten fully bespoke decorative fixtures designed specifically for the project.

Treatment room lighting is flexible with three scene settings. The guest enters on scene 1 which provides a warm 2700K balance ambiance for consultations, this level can either be raised to scene 2 which is brighter and cooler for detailed treatments, or lowered to scene 3 which is dimmer and warmer for massage or relaxation treatments. The lighting scenes are connected to a signage integrated light outside allowing other staff to know if the room is occupied. Laser treatment rooms have one-way mirrors outside, which illuminate to show laser signage warnings when treatments are in progress.

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