Together with the interior design office OCEAN ARCHITECTS, developed a lighting design philosophy and implemented the lighting concept “inspired by nature” for Hapag-Lloyds new expedition ship – the Hanseatic spirit – through to the final commissioning.

The aim of the new Hanseatic spirit lighting concept is to use artificial, biodynamic light to adapt individual interior rooms to the respective lighting mood of the prevailing time of day, thus creating a dynamic lighting sequence that has a natural effect. In addition to the Hanseatic spirit, two other expedition ships of identical design, the Hanseatic nature and Hanseatic inspiration were built for Hapag-Lloyd’s exclusive expedition class, for which created and accompanied the lighting design.

Light instead of luminaires: The focus is not on using as many similar luminaires as possible, but on the basic architectural idea of “inspired by nature”. Light as an immaterial building material and as the fourth dimension of architecture. Qualitative rather than quantitative criteria apply. Thus, the usual practice of producing the basic lighting by means of a uniform grid of recessed ceiling luminaires with diffuse lighting characteristics is dispensed with. Instead, the lighting design incorporates the architecture of the ship. Light as the 4th dimension of architecture.

By means of an intuitive lighting control system, the guest cabins can adjust the lighting integrated in a “wave wall” developed exclusively with Ocean Architects to a cool light colour corresponding to natural daylight in the morning and to the atmospheric orange-red light of a sunset in the evening.

This fascinating, space-creating effect also transforms the main restaurant into a world of experience adapted to the respective time of day and use. An organic luminous ceiling specially designed for this room changes during the course of the day by means of a sensor-controlled lighting system.

A specially designed organic luminous ceiling changes into different scenarios during the course of the day by means of a sensor-controlled lighting system – from the dynamic, fresh colour temperature of the morning to the atmospheric ambience of a candle light dinner in the evening.

The highlight and lighting focal point of the HanseAtrium, the ship’s central lounge, is a 15 x 4 metre LED illuminated ceiling. The depiction of imaginary underwater worlds, clouds passing by in the sky or a starry night sky, together with the wave-like indirect lighting integrated into the rest of the ceiling, creates a special world of experience to accompany all events.

The exclusively indirect lighting of the pool deck, either close to the floor or integrated into the ceiling panels, discreetly stages this area for an undisturbed and unobstructed view of the fascinating world of the respective voyage surrounding the ship.

Arcs of light integrated into walls and ceilings create an exciting spatial illumination of the corridors and show guests the way to their cabins.

Every day, the new lighting concept makes a difference and intensifies a unique, atmospheric expedition experience. Exclusively on board the new expedition class of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.

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