The refurbishment of the Hanomag building in Hanover, an architectural monument from the 1920s, turned out to be a challenging task with extraordinary requirements for a careful lighting concept that respects the historical heritage and at the same time has a contemporary expressiveness.

The core element of this concept was the sensitive integration of new lighting elements into the existing architecture, whereby every intervention in the historic structure was carefully considered. This included the challenging decision to position luminaires only at existing cable outlets. This requirement led to the development of an impressive floating linear luminaire with a span of over 4.5 meters between the suspension points in the round arches. This made it possible to avoid setting new anchor points in the historic vaults. This monument-friendly approach emphasizes the respectful interplay between old and new.

The pendant luminaire, elegant and dynamic in its form, not only serves as a light source, but also runs through the building as an aesthetic guideline and traces the architecture’s outline. It is complemented by indirect lighting that bathes the characteristic vaults in a soft light, creating an impressive lighting atmosphere that emphasizes the architectural features of the room. The luminaire’s color scheme, in an understated dark grey, interacts harmoniously with the metallic elements of the interior, creating a visual bridge between the historic and modern aesthetics.

Ring lights were chosen for the atriums to create soft lighting in the evening hours. These not only create a feeling of welcome, but also contribute to the spatial depth. Additional accents are provided by spherical luminaires on the staircase obelisks and in the airspace, which illuminate the area gently yet effectively.

The entrance area is given an inviting quality by luminaires integrated into the architectural struts. This subtle but effective design offers a foretaste of the creative perfection of the interior even from the outside.

The lighting concept of the Hanomag building is an example of how the use of modern solutions and respect for the historical heritage can create a space that is both venerable and modern.

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