Hangzhou National Version Museum is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is one of the most important cultural construction projects in China in 2022.

The architects are Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu, the Pritzker Prize winners. The architectural style continues the cultural characteristics of the Song Dynasty, integrates the traditional Chinese painting art and gardening art, and forms a harmonious atmosphere of changing scenery and everywhere.

The buildings are divided into the south area where the gardens are located and the north area where the buildings are dense. On the side of the pool in the South District, the lighting design emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between the building and the mountain, water and corridor, which is harmonious and clear in primary and secondary. The buildings extending from the south to the North bear various elements such as wood structure modeling, fair faced concrete, rammed earth wall and Miller beam. More than 100 kinds of lighting devices are used in the lighting design, and different lighting methods are given to different reflectance materials, so that they present unique but unified night scene features.

In terms of lighting design methods, according to the characteristics of the project, large-area semi outdoor space lighting and internal transparent lighting are used to participate in the modeling of building lighting, making it a harmonious and symbiotic public cultural landmark.

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