Focusing on the simple form of a circle, Halftone began life as a pencil to paper sketch.

A fusion between art, technology and science, it takes a single material of acrylic and elevates it to beauty by its unique surface treatment.

Using laser etching, a delicate and mesmerising pattern forms on the translucent, clear acrylic, increasing with intensity from the centre outwards creating a vivid ring of light.

Designed in two sizes and depths, the transparency of the acrylic allows the surface behind to still be visible, both when the light is switched on and off. The two sizes can also be layered to produce more intense and striking illumination, that will add interest to surrounding architecture.

Commentary from Riley Sanders, Senior Designer of Halftone, Astro

“The Halftone is more of an art piece than a standard luminaire; that is the concept and essence of the product. The particular challenge was how we could create an engaging pattern and design piece both when illuminated or turned off. It was vital to achieve this balance in order for our vision to come to life. We played around with scale and placement of the pattern so the designing of Halftone then became as much a graphic design exercise as it was an engineering one, balancing the aesthetic of the graphic pattern while maximising the lumen output.”

Designed exclusively in Britain Halftone forms part of Astro’s exclusive Capsule Collection Volume 01.

Focusing on precision and restraint, Capsule Collection presents three iconic designs that transcend seasons and trends by being functional yet beautiful.

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