How nice it is to read a book in a park and how good it would be to be able to keep on doing it even at night outdoors!

Daylighting is the essential life – generator element that follows us during our daily activities. It takes a sunset to realise the actual importance of it, both in an indoor and outdoor condition, not only for vision comfort, but also feeling of safety and overall accessibility.

The installation focuses on creating opportunities for an informed and conscious application of artificial lighting as a key to enhance the urban spaces during darkness. It promotes new “gentle” ways to experience the city, turning unused spaces back to approachable ones and inviting to new social activities.

These reflections led to the inclusion of the “light” element on Shadowy armchair by the well-known Italian brand Moroso and designed by Tord Boontje, transmuting it through a lighting component to an outdoor furniture for night time outdoor reading.

In the design phase, the designer Giorgia Brusemini worked by integrating the luminous element into the Moroso armchair, as if it was a micro architecture. In the upper part of the structure, the insertion of a compact 3000°K linear LED profile (technical detail: MICROLINE series – High efficiency led with CRI97 colour rendering – magnetic hook ) highlights all the features, the shape and texture and at the same time creates functional reading lighting.

In the lower part, a flexible outdoor LED strip with micro-optics with asymmetric light emission, has been integrated. The result is a comfortable and non-dazzling indirect light, with a hidden and integrated source. The power supply has been positioned as well in the lower part of the seat which is also not visible. To allow the installation outdoors, a coating was applied to all the electrical components plus appropriate wiring with external IP66 cables and electrical sockets.

During the event, people experienced the unusual practice of reading at night in the open air surrounded by nature.

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