Guangming Cultural Center project is located on the northeast side of Guanguang road, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, with Huixin road on the southeast side and Gongyuan road on the northeast side. It is 500 meters away from the high-speed railway sightseeing station. The project takes “pastoral scenery” and “humanistic eye” as architectural and landscape design concepts, integrating “culture, performing arts, exhibition, leisure” and other functions, including a performance centre (including a large theatre with 1500 seats and a concert hall with 452 seats), art museum, library, urban planning exhibition hall and cultural complex five functional areas. It is the largest cultural artistic complex with the most complete functions, facilities, and the highest level of building intelligence.

The lighting scheme further strengthens the humanistic concept and highlights the architecture skin and curtain wall system. Through the analysis of the architectural perspective and its importance, the lighting introduces the concept of the Milky Way, with the “Humanistic Eye” entrance as the centre, and the entire plot is divided into areas of different brightness in a spiral shape, making the lighting in the plot more hierarchical. In this way, the multi-story design and consideration of the architecture were carried out.
The main entrance has its own uniqueness in lighting due to its guiding function, which stimulates the vitality of the site. Through the use of coloured area-emitting soft light strips, the concept of “humanistic eye” at entrance is strengthened, which complements the reflection in the water. A floodlight is installed on the ground on one side to provide the ambient light to the top. The light form complements the shape of the curtain wall.

The floodlights were used on the facade to reflect the “eyebrow” part of the “Humanistic eye”.
The high ceiling space at the secondary entrance of the Art Center becomes an interactive area for rest and gathering. By setting up an array of stage light beams, an artistic forest of light is formed. Human inductive interaction is set up to automatically generate dynamic effects. When visitors step into the space, they will be part of the light and shadow creation. This kind of fun and interactivity is the greatest charm of this space. Light and shadow are intertwining; power and beauty are blooming. It is a lighting environment which can really settle the time and touch the audience.

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