The façade lighting of Matrix twin buildings highlights the perception of horizontal movement and lines by using Trick, a small single point fitting that visually projects the line of light instead of using linear fittings. This project implements the latest technology in fixture design, optics, control system and the understanding of the form of light that follows the form of the horizontal pattern above and below on the brise soleil façade shading system.

Matrix is a LEED-Platinum standard development in the central business district. It challenged the designer to come up with a creative concept that had a simple installation. Additionally, all the wiring had to be hidden, and no installation boxes or electrical panels were permitted on the facade or on the roof.

The ingenious solution was to use IP-rated fittings with 360-degree blade optics to illuminate the brise soleil, which in turn acted as secondary reflectors.

Bespoke fixtures were designed with a new base which contains the built-in DMX-RDM electronic driver completed with in-out connector for plug-and-play connection. The custom version has since become a standard product available on the market so that other designers can benefit from its unique properties.

The lighting on each building is connected via a fibre optic cable to create controlled scenes on both buildings simultaneously.

Apparently random patterns of light were programmed to create dynamic, vibrant and colourful scenes, to accentuate horizontal linear architectural detail on both buildings.

The project uses a control application to manage large virtual LED-based mounted on building wall.

Special scenes can be programmed for festivals or national holidays – the preset content is automatically activated via the online calendar, or manually on request.

After sunset, the twin buildings at Matrix Office Park delicately brightens the area and contributes to urban nightscape.

This instrument of spatial invention allowed the designer to create some attractive scenes, some are subtle and some are more compelling.

Specific features:

1. Unique approach to exterior illumination
2. Single point source that creates linear light effect
3. Custom DMX self-addressable control
4. Two buildings connected to work simultaneously as one
5. Multifunctional control system allowing video or still image reproduction on this façade

The original function of light was used in new way as dependence of external shape and form of facade. It’s a sort of visual trick done with Trick.

GTC Matrix is an excellent example of total lighting design and engineering. Light fixture Trick that we designed in 2014, and became a paradigm in graphic lighting was then especially customized, together with the control system and wiring, for this particular project. Now that customized product became a standard that can be used in countless ways and possibilities.

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