Green Applelec LED Light Sheet is the design industry’s first, fully environmentally friendly backlighting panel, utilising recycled and recyclable materials.

A more sustainable product, the light panel is engineered using 100% recycled acrylic and requires less water and carbon dioxide to manufacture, as well as being Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free. As a result, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet is a kinder option for the environment, significantly reducing its contribution to air acidification and eutrophication.

Embedded with premium components, the 9w/m 24V LEDs deliver consistent and powerful illumination, whilst being extremely energy efficient to run, ensuring Green Applelec LED Light Sheet is an eco-friendly backlighting solution.

As with our other light panel option, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet is engineered at our West Yorkshire premises, guaranteeing the same high-quality solution designers expect and trust from our backlighting product.

Featuring our patented and bespoke dot pattern, our unique matrix design is etched into the recycled and recyclable acrylic, providing a premium backlighting source that emits bright and flawless illumination.

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