Exclusively available through Applelec Lighting, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet 2.0 is the design industry’s first and only, fully environmentally friendly light panel illuminated with Grade A LEDs.

Since the launch last year of our original Green Applelec LED Light Sheet, we have been working hard with our internal R&D department to implement adjustments to our eco-friendly light panel to provide a solution that boasts further green credentials. From our in-house product development work, we are proud to now offer our next generation, environmentally friendly light panel, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet 2.0.

Featuring a number of green credentials, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet 2.0 is the first of its kind:

– The first and only UK manufactured light panel illuminated with Grade A LEDs

– Manufactured at Applelec Lighting’s UK premises, reducing carbon emissions when compared against similar products shipped from overseas

– Created from 100% r-MMA acrylic, which requires less water and CO2 to manufacture

– Designed for disassembly to allow components to be re-used and recycled

– Substance free making it kinder on the planet

– Embedded with Grade A LEDs exclusively available through Applelec Lighting to the UK market, these extremely low wattage LEDs provide an impressive 35% energy saving, whilst delivering a 20% brightness increase when compared against Grade B LEDs.

A completely bespoke, architectural lighting solution, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet 2.0 is ideal for supporting eco-conscious designs, delivering flawless backlighting to a range of applications from hospitality to commercial schemes.

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