The La Granja de Peralada project, by RCR Arquitectes, represents a journey through time, transforming an old farmhouse into a corner of delight, sale and tasting of wine. In the heart of Empordà, Girona (Spain), this space is a statement of the harmonious fusion of architecture and light in a unique setting.

The arcaded buildings that make up this architectural jewel house the entrance, a restaurant and a shop that awakens the senses of visitors. What makes this experience even more special is the carefully designed central garden, populated by aromatic plants, and a mirror of water that, in addition to its aesthetic function, regulates the temperature in the underground cellars and, at the same time, frames the horizon and embraces the landscape of Peralada.

Light becomes the guiding thread, highlighting the beauty of every corner of La Granja. It floods the interior spaces, delicately filtering outwards through strategic openings. The result is a chiaroscuro lighting composition that paints a dreamy night-time scene.

The garden is enveloped in a silent half-light, with shades of light that subtly highlight the botanical details, creating a play of shadows and glitter. The mirror of water, delimited by a line of light, acquires a magical prominence, outlining its surface with flashes of luminescence and projecting a refined image on the buildings, which are bathed in an indirect light that enhances their architecture in a subtle but striking way.

The complexity of this lighting experience is achieved through three lighting typologies, all using LED technology with high colour rendering and a warm colour temperature.

The first typology consists of floor lights that evenly bathe the arcaded architecture in soft, enveloping light. This technique creates a sense of continuity and highlights the geometric lines of the architectural structure.

The second lighting typology is zenithal, intended to emphasise the presentation of the product in the tasting areas and the restaurant. This light, which seems to descend from the sky, becomes an ideal backdrop to highlight the wines and exquisite dishes on offer.

The third typology concentrates on subtle lighting accents in the outdoor vegetation. These touches of light highlight the details of the surrounding nature, bringing warmth and emphasising the natural beauty of the surroundings.

The La Granja de Peralada project has obtained the coveted Leed Gold sustainability certification, underlining its commitment to eco-efficiency and respect for the environment.

Overall, the lighting design of La Granja de Peralada is a symphony of light and architecture that transforms the night into an unforgettable sensory experience. This project is a testament to how light can bring architecture to life, fusing aesthetic beauty with functionality and sustainability, creating a space that transcends the ordinary and becomes a masterpiece of design and architecture.

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