“A serene cove of sensory design housing indulgent and tranquil spaces, curated as a journey of rejuvenating therapies and treatments that induce a sense of mindfulness and self-awareness”

Noor Spa is a large spa. Its basement location means there is very little natural light and this gives us the opportunity to carefully control light levels, colour temperatures, uniformity and all other features of the lighting, allowing us to create the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience.

The architecture and interiors feature a double height space, into which are inserted a series of curved wooden pods. These house individual areas – treatment rooms, sauna etc. We proposed lighting the entire space, as afar as possible, using only lighting detailed into these pods. Using very warm LED and carefully coordinated colours with the wood finish colour creates a calm environment. There are no downlights at all in this area, we wanted to avoid them. Where additional lighting is needed, we have added underlit furniture or step lighting instead of downlights.

Lighting is impressive from the lift lobby (often overlooked) onwards – using a linear concealed floor slot to give the impression of a water feature running down the wall, and joining up with the actual water feature in the main area.

The pool deck is lit primarily from the pool itself, with underwater lights carefully selected to throw water ripple reflections to the flat ceiling, helping create an immersive space reminiscent of a grotto.

Other areas have a serene and relaxing feel – for example the consultation area seems lit with natural light, spilling down the back wall to the elegant curved sofa but this is an illusion; artificial light is artfully concealed. We used a similar trick in the plunge pool area, creating a sky aperture in a space which is (don’t forget) entirely below ground.

A sophisticated control system has multiple scenes over the day and for individual treatment rooms, allowing us to create the perfect atmosphere at all times of day and a space which is at once relaxing, serene and beautiful.

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