Grain is the first lathe turned translucent timber light. At home in domestic, hospitality and office environments the lamps nourish the human need for nature in interiors. These unique lamps are hand turned from whole pieces of storm fallen or surgeon felled Ash. By day, the live edge waste wood forms bring a natural breath of the outside inside showcasing the beauty of the timber on the exterior of the lamps. When illuminated the glow from inside highlights the grain and reveals the history of the tree from bark to heart. Each grain interruption, fault or blemish is visible and tells a story in the history of the tree. The form and shape of each lamp is directed by the trunk.

The design was inspired by delicate natural forms created in wood turning; the intention is to preserve and also push the boundaries of this heritage craft. The craftsmanship involved in turning these pieces is unique, and until now mostly used in bowls and hollow forms. Grain creates a new application for this skill.

Timber is sourced from tree surgeons, forestry and local land owners from trees which have fallen naturally or been felled for disease and danger reasons. The timber would otherwise be used for firewood. Trees are stored in log form and cut from them on order. Each piece of timber is cut per lamp and the bark is carefully kept on to retain the beautiful live edge.

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