The awe-inspiring ‘God of Teppanyaki’ truly lives up to its name, offering visitors a worldly experience through lighting which reflects a warm and inviting atmosphere.

This stunning restaurant is set in the prime location of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. This 604 sqm gastronomic space showcases an illuminating synergy of dark shades and luminous accents intertwined with design simplicity and intricacy, which allows guest to enjoy a discreet dining experience in a wonderful contemporary Japanese setting.

Inspiration was drawn from a variety of elements of Japanese culture like the entrancing Japanese natural landscape. Every intricate detail from the fabric to the sake bar has been meticulously coordinated and considered as part of the lighting design. Adorned with bespoke lighting, orchestrated by renowned lighting master Tino Kwan, ‘God of Teppanyaki’ invokes a sense of wander and awe, with the perfect balance of light and dark areas. The lighting design creates a sense of mystery, whilst still offering a warm and comforting atmosphere for diners.

The lighting illuminates the architectural lines, the furniture and even guides your journey through the space. A soft warm glow leads into the reception area where eye catching bullet-shaped ceiling lighting amplifies the modern take on traditional Japanese culture.

A theatrical display has been created taking inspiration from ‘Wagasa’ – the traditional Japanese oil-paper umbrellas. Floating ceiling lights are suspended above the teppanyaki tables, to formulate the most wonderful display of accent lighting.
There is certainly a regality that comes into play when stepping through this tantalizing space. It radiates with luxury and opulence, yet still encapsulates traditional Japanese culture. The lighting design allows a warm hue to move through the restaurant, inviting, engaging, and creating a memorable dining experience for all those lucky enough to dine at the luxurious ‘God of Teppanyaki’.

With the current climate of pandemics, the need for a more secluded private experience, whilst upholding upscale ambience led the design vision for the restaurant. The client wanted to translate the enjoyment of ‘’seizing the moment’’. This is certainly encompassed within the design as visitors are immediately captivated with a moment of serenity amidst the bustling sights and sounds of Hong Kong.

’God of Teppanyaki’ comprises of multiple private dining rooms, as well as a sake bar, sushi bar, and wine and sake tasting room, with partitions to host private parties. The dynamic and customised lighting visually flows and connects visitors through all areas of the restaurant.

From a striking Mount Fuji art backdrop, bespoke wallpapers and fabrics bearing traditional botanical patterns, to the natural elements of timber and granite used throughout the entire venue, every element of design amplifies the features.

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