Inspired by a hanging plant of the botanical family of wisteria, GLY not only appears as a decorative luminaire for vertical gardens. It is the ultimate combination of bespoke luminaires and biophilic lighting design. A perfect fit for ornamental plant surfaces.

This special luminaire, designed by the lighting design practice lightsphere in collaboration with Martin Nievergelt product design, supports the ornamental plant’s health and pleasant appearance, within the Zurich Innovation Center of Givaudan. Its perfect integration into the greenery underlines the biophilic design. The innovative luminaire is composed by a curved hook-shaped body, that carries nine rotatable heads. This flexible system allows an ideal light distribution on irregular, complex surfaces like columns. The geometry follows the functional purpose and its harmonious proportion is calibrated for an aesthetical enhancement of the luminaire shape. Each head is equipped with special LED chips and a honeycomb louver for a glare-free appearance from any angle. Various facet of bronzed brass anodized finishes where combined to create a multifaceted reflective surface. This allows GLY to reflect the surrounding and neatly camouflages itself into the green surface of the column.

As we love to put extraordinary ideas into a perfectly designed and manufactured product, Monolicht is pleased to support lightsphere with the manufacturing process in creating a unique and outstanding luminaire.

Easy plug-and-play electrical system

The solution for the fixation base was built for a simple plug and play connection. Each individual GLY can be easily connected via a small plug. Control boxes positioned inside the plant towers, supplying the individual groups. Furthermore prefabricated sockets fixed on the column surface also make it easy to assemble the individual GLY to the plant towers, making installation simple.

About Monolicht

Extraordinary ideas, a passion for light and a lot of ambition have made us what we are today. A company that is flexible and innovative to the highest degree, who has felt comfortable and established in today’s fast paced world. Our passion is the fascination of light. This medium in all its diversity, its optimal matching to the needs of the users and the continuous expansion of the technically feasible have been the focus of Monolicht for more than twenty years.

Every product that leaves our home complies with the quality and innovation standards that we take for granted in Switzerland.

About the designers

Lightsphere is an independent lighting design practice based in Switzerland. For this bespoke luminaire, lightsphere teamed up with product designer Martin Nievergelt to create a unique luminaire that can be used for ornamental plant surfaces.

In parallel with the design process of the luminaire, lightsphere carried on a scientific research related to biologically effective illumination for ornamental indoor plants with LEDs, providing Monolicht the right LED action spectrum, used within GLY, for the plants to thrive healthily.

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