Glowrail is an innovative LED handrail system, designed to provide discreet, seamless, functional lighting for a wide range of architectural handrail applications.

Fully tailorable in curved, straight, angular and helical sections; Glowrail comes in a variety of bespoke finishes, including stainless steel, timber, leather, polyester powdercoat, PVD and soft touch matte. Additionally, bespoke shaped and brass profiles are also possible upon request.

Performance counts and with a luminaire efficacy of >70lm/W, across a range of outputs, colour temperatures (1800-6500K) and CRI, we have the right configuration to suit all project briefs. Our luminaires can also be equipped with tuneable white and RGBW pixel control LEDs, providing dynamic lighting solutions.

All manufacture and finishing is carried out in-house, in the UK, by our dedicated and highly experienced team of welders, linishers/finishers and lighting engineers. This ensures that every installation meets the highest standards of quality.

The Light Lab will configure and install Glowrail, according to your specifications (including emergency lighting), without the constraints of ‘off-the-shelf’ lengths or accessories.

Externally specified, with appropriate ingress protection for areas necessitating handrails, such as stairwells, ramps, and bridges, for public realm, commercial, hospitality, and high-end residential environments; Glowrail represents the pinnacle of handrail lighting design.

With its harmonious blend of function and form, Glowrail delivers a sophisticated lighting solution.

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