Glifo is a projecting wall lamp. The precision and minimalism of the lamp are inspired by typographic characters, in this case glyphs, which by their symbolic nature are stylish and simple. Two metal lines define the space: a vertical element, the fulcrum of the rotation, and an oblique element that surrounds the opening angle of the lampshade, offering a point to move the lamp.

At the end of the oblique metal rod where the conical lampshade is located is the dimmer switch. An element whose coating can be customized with different materials such as wood wengè. A functional detail that hides the advanced technological content.

Technical info:

Wall mount, stem and lampshade in painted steel. Glifo comes from a drawing of two lines that, like a typeface, define its space. A vertical element that is also the fulcrum of the whole rotation of the lamp and an oblique element that moves away from the wall defining the opening angle of the lampshade and offering a hold point, with a wooden finish, to reposition the lamp and to dim the light.

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